Hamburg räumt auf

Hamburg räumt auf

Garbage collecting with „Hamburg räumt auf“

An experience report

03rd March 2023

Together with some students of the 9th grade we from the Eng/PGW profile S2 participated today in the action "Hamburg räumt auf" (Hamburg cleans up) and collected garbage in our surroundings. Mrs. Hadadi supported us and provided us with the necessary material.

This experience has opened our eyes, why you may ask…

Already on the way to the city park, where we actually wanted to collect garbage, our garbage bags were half full. Although it was a good feeling to actively do something for our city, fellow citizens and the environment, it also made us sad to see how carelessly people treat our environment. Nevertheless, we also experienced positive aspects that showed us that regular cleaning up is useful. In the city park, it was so clean that we could find only a few handkerchiefs. This experience also made us think....

Have you ever thrown trash on the ground?

We are sure that most of us must answer this question in the affirmative. This shows how little awareness of environmental issues is integrated into our everyday lives and how important such actions are to raise our awareness and strengthen our sense of responsibility. Even small changes in our daily behaviour can help keep our city and the environment clean. So take that extra step to the trash can back there!

We would like to convey this feeling to other people as well and therefore propose to carry out regular actions of this kind and to mobilize a larger number of participants in order to keep a larger perimeter clean.

Together we are strong and can help to protect our environment!

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Taina, Amina, Shaleen (S2)




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